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AAL 2019 Call

Data: 08.02.2019 - 24.05.2019
AAL 2019 Call

NCBiR informuje o otwarciu naboru wniosków w konkursie z zakresu technologii informacyjnych i komunikacyjnych wspierających osoby z demencją

Instytucja ogłaszająca:

Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju

Temat konkursu:

Sustainable Smart Solutions for Ageing well

Zakres konkursu:

The aim of the call is to support innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects. Call 2019 is characterised by the following approach:

Opiekun konkursu w CAWP:

Agnieszka Kołodziejska-Skrobek,
tel. 12 663 30 23,

  1. The AAL Call 2019 is open to developing ICT-based solutions targeting any application area(s) within the AAL domain. The solutions need to be embedded in the strategies of the participating end-user organisations, service providers and business partners.
  2. The AAL Call 2019 allows for more flexibility regarding the scope, size and duration of the proposed projects (including smallcollaborative projects).

Call Features

Collaborative project proposals must demonstrate a clear route to market and added-value for the different types of end-users. The wishes and aspirations of older adults in combination with the demands from the other stakeholders involved – e.g. providers and payers – will have a critical role in shaping useful and attractive AAL solutions with a high market potential. Both “Collaborative projects” (carried out by consortia composed of at least 3 organisations from 3 different countries including an end user organisation and a business partner) and “Small Collaborative Projects” (with a shorter duration and smaller budget) will still be funded through this call.

Collaborative Projects - Main features and objectives

Collaborative Projects aim at developing and bringing to market ICT solutions in the AAL domain. Proposals in AAL Call 2019 are expected to be user-driven through co-creation and address a specified challenge. The call stresses a strong involvement of end users – especially secondary and tertiary – and other relevant stakeholders in the shaping of solutions and in creating respective markets. Furthermore, the route to market needs to be clearly described and aligned with the business strategies of the partners responsible for commercialisation. The proposed solutions need to respond to different requirements, depending on the type of market.

Termin składania wniosków:

25 maja 2019 r., godz. 17.00 CET

Sposób składania wniosków:

Nabór wniosków międzynarodowych odbywa się poprzez system elektroniczny

Więcej informacji:


Strona internetowa konkursu

Call text

Guidelines for Applicants

Wzór wniosku międzynarodowego (Part B)

National Eligibility Criteria

Informacja dla wnioskodawców

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